Working Holiday Canada Con Jobactiva.

“Una de las experiencias laborales más increíble es la Working Holiday Canada. Cuando supimos de esto, no lo pensamos mucho” Nos comenta Francisca, quien acaba de llegar de su experiencia de un año en Alberta Canada. Ella junto a su novio, fueron parte del primer grupo en realizar esta experiencia con nuestro programa Working Holiday Hospitality Job. 
Ahora comienza en nuevo proceso, y acá te dejamos el cómo postular a esta WH visa. El texto esta en inglés, como podrás ver, ya que fue extraído de la misma fuente de la embajada.
The International Experience Canada (IEC) online application process involves various stages.
The graphic “IEC 2017 Online Application Process for Applicants” illustrates all the stages involved in the process from start to finish. It features an illustration of a male applicant with a pathway ahead of him, that demonstrates and explains the different stages and the steps applicants must take to complete the application process.
The first section of the process is “IEC Eligibility Criteria”. The path starts with a young man and the first instructions he receives are “Complete the Come to Canada questionnaire, and get your personal reference code”.
This is followed by a box “Use your personal reference code to create your account”, and then “Complete the remaining fields in the IEC profile builder”.
We now move further down the path into the “Profile submission to IEC Pool” section. The next step is to “Submit your profile and choose the IEC pools you want to be in”.
On the top right corner, three groups of people are gathered. The question “What is a pool?” appears on top of them and the answer underneath is “A group of pre-registered eligible candidates who have created and submitted their profile to one or more category under IEC”.
Once this has been completed, the path is blocked by a stop sign and an envelope beside it which has a warning sign on top of it. It signifies that, at that stage, applicants have to wait to receive an Invitation to Apply for a work permit via their account.
The box after the stop sign and envelop indicates that “If you receive an invitation to apply via your account, you will have 10 days to start your application or to decline the invitation. If you accept, click the “Start Application” button in your account to start the work permit application process”. The bubble immediately after that contains a note indicating that “After you press the button ‘Start Application’ in your account, you have 20 days from that day, regardless of whether you accept on day 1 or 10, to complete, pay and submit the work permit application”.
We now move further down the path into the “Work Permit Application” section. The first stage in this section contains an illustration of an older man representing an employer. He is looking at some paperwork on a desk and beside him is a box which is an important note that states “Young Pro and Coop categories: Before your 20 days expire, your employer needs to pay the C$230 Employer Compliance Fee through the Employer Portal”.
Then the path moves forward to the “Payment & Required Documents” section. The first box is an important note with a warning sign on it. It states “Ask your employer to send you the offer of employment number they will get after they have paid their fees. You need this number to apply for your work permit”. The instruction provided in the next bubble is “Upload all supporting documents, including police and medical exam certificates, if applicable” and is followed by another important note with a warning sign on it that states “If you do not have the supporting documents, you can upload proof that you have applied to undertake a medical exam and that a police certificate request has been sent”. The last box in this section informs applicants to “Pay your participation fee of C$126 with a credit card through the online payment system in your account. Working Holiday category: pay your open work permit holder fee of C$100 at this time as well”.
The Payment & Required Document section has now been completed and we progress down the path to the section entitled “IEC and Work Permit Assessment”. In that section, the first box with the title “Temporary Work Permit Application Assessment” is positioned under the illustration of a young woman representing a processing officer. Included in this box is a clock symbol with the text “Day 1” next to it. “Day 1” indicates that this is the first day, out of an 8 weeks process, that IEC begins to process your application. Continuing the path down the IEC and Work Permit Assessment section, the next box advises the applicant that “IRCC may ask you to provide additional documents”, followed by another box with the advice warning applicants that “This is your last chance to withdraw from IEC and obtain refunds (participation fee, open work permit holder fee, employer compliance fee)”.
The last section on the path is entitled “Welcome to Canada!” and contains only one box with an envelope which states “An IRCC letter of introduction (LOI) will be sent to your account. The official name of the document is Port of Entry (POE) Introduction Letter”. Also included in this box is a clock symbol with the text “Day 56” next to it. “Day 56” indicates that this is the last day, out of an 8 weeks process.
We recommend referring to this guide throughout the application process in order to better understand what stage you are at and what stages you still have to complete.